• Manufactured by: DROPS Design
  • Shipping Weight: 50g

Durable as just a sock yarn can be! DROPS Fabel is a 4-thread yarn that is superwash-treated, making it suitable for everyday use as well as washing machine. Unlike regular socks, Fabel is spun in a finer quality. This makes Fabel suitable for far more than just socks - try it for example on baby clothes!

With one of the largest color charts in the DROPS range, DROPS Fabel has three yarn variants that give different results on the garment: uni color, which is single-colored; Print, varied colors repeat regular and long print, similar to printers with longer repetitions of each color.

Both printing and long printing are colored by a method called "fancy dyeing", which differs from other methods because there are small variations in both pattern and shade in each color range. This is not a mistake, but a part of the yarn's characteristics.

The sample shots in the color chart show the yarn blending when knitting a smaller number of stitches, such as socks. On larger garments, the blending will look different. As with all jacquard presses, there will be a variety of colors and patterns in the same color bath.

Made in the EU

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