Conditions of Use

Regarding the purchase of catalogs

From Sandnes Yarn's terms of purchase: "We only sell our catalogues together with yarns for a garment in the booklet, minimum 4 yarnballs per catalog. We reserve the right to cancel orders that do not meet these requirements."

From Viking Yarn's website: "When buying a catalog, you must also order a minimum of 4 yarns per catalog as well"

Drops Design has no problem to sell catalogues without yarn.

We follow these purchase terms: You cannot buy Sandnes Garn and Viking Garn catalogs without having at least 4 yarnballs in your shopping cart.

Product Review Guidelines:

What should a product review contain?

Your own experience focusing on the product in question: You must have purchased the item to write a review.

Please do not include:

  • Experiences that are not about the product, such as experience in connection with support or return of the product in question.
  • This is not a forum, so do not start discussion or reply to others who have written a review.
  • Links, prices, availability or other time-dependent information.
  • References to competitors.
  • Shocking/improper word usage.

"Outpost butikk" reserves the right to accept, decline or remove any product review(s) that is not in accordance with these guidelines.